Master Your Metabolism!

MASTER your Metabolism! Live Lean for Life!
7-Weeks to a healthy, robust metabolism!  

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting?
  • Are you tired of hearing about ‘metabolism boosting foods’, that really don’t work anyway?
  • Are you tired of trying cleanses and detoxes in hopes of resetting your metabolism? (They don’t work either, they do the opposite…they DOWN-REGULATE it! Yikes!)
  • Are you tired of jumping on a cardio machine to ‘boost’ weight loss (and that doesn’t work either!)
  • Are you doing all the right things but still can’t lose the weight?
  • Are you a ‘mature’ woman whose metabolism has slowed to a grinding halt?
  • Are you confused about macro-nutrients (protein, carbs and fats) and what it all means, but more importantly what it all means to YOU and how you can use them to BOOST your metabolism?
  • Are you experiencing hormonal ups and downs, and wonder if this is the problem?
  • Are you menopausal or peri-menopausal?

Do you want to get lean and live lean for LIFE?

Let’s start a NEW conversation…

For the next 6 weeks, I will take you on an eye opening journey of self discovery, and to finally explain this whole metabolism thing! I will show you in 6 easy lessons how to understand and work with YOUR metabolism, and how to MASTER it, and live LEAN, for life! No more warring with ourselves, ok? And we will support our work toggether with our private Facebook Page, where we work in group. No woman is an island!

You will craft your own individual Metabolic Enhancement Strategy Plan at the end of our 6 weeks together, so you can Master your own Metabolism!

Now please understand that I do not ‘sell’ anything. And there are no quick fixes, so if you’re used to, or expecting a drink / bar / diet plan etc etc etc that will simply send your metabolism into the stratosphere, then this program is NOT for you!

But if you’re willing to change how you THINK (a vital aspect), and be willing to change some habits, then you WILL find success! I promise you!

START DATE for our next session – Friday February 23rd, 2018!

My story…

Yep, it happend to me too…

I was a fat teenager, sure. Those Oreo cookies got the best of me! So I tried to diet my way out of it, for over a decade, but nothing worked! I tried them all…the Low Fat Craze, the Water diet (yep, remember that one?), the Cabbage Diet (man, did I stink!), and the Water Diet (spent most of my time in the bathroom!).

In my 30’s, I began competing in bodybuilding…I lost 30 pounds for my first show, won the Overall, the within 2 weeks I put 15 pounds back on…and it kept on coming. Soon, I was fatter than I was when I was pre-dieting! I was depressed, perplexed, and hated myself.

Then my 40’s hit – life, pregnancy, stress, and my hormones started to change (I didn’t know it was my hormones, I just put it down to having a busy life). I started getting the ‘middle age spread’, and my body started to change. It went, well, droopy: my once contest-winning body was drooping in all the wrong places, my middriff was expanding, and I couldn’t lose the weight. So once again, I went to my diet books to try to find the answer….round and round and round I went…again!

Then my 50’s came around, and it was another whole ball of metabolic mess – menopause, mood swings, depression, and food issues that left me confused, and befuddled. My once lean, shapely physique and metabolism had taken a serious nose dive SOUTH! Funny thing was, I continued to train through all of this, thinking it was the answer, butit wasn’t. What was going on???

Then I decided to really dig in, do the Work, and find the answers.

It wasn’t about calorie counting, the next best app, step counts, fitbits, or yet another diet plan. It wasn’t about gluten, or dairy, or fruit. It was about coming to understand metabolism at a molecular level, and learning how the body truly operates biochemically. It was about looking at how our hormones shift with age, and why (hormones are NOT bad, they just need to be understood!). It’s about how the body reacts to protect itself, and how we have to coax it, NOT force it, to react in a different, metabolically-supportive way. AND it’s about how we think (probably one of the biggest components to success!), because we can’t address a problem with the same kind of thinking that got us there (that’s Einstein’s saying, not mine!).

Once I got clear, did the research, and played around with a bit, true success was mine! Now, I live leaner, with little effort, AND my metabolism is strong, resposive and resilient. At 56, I’m feeling better than I ever have! If I can do it, you can too! Let me show you how.

Food freedom, freedom from guilt, shame and confusion. NO more diet books, no more apps (unless you want to use them, but you use them, they no longer will use YOU!). We will create a Metabolism strengthening eating plan for you, with tools from our new tool kit that we will unfold.

Let’s get real, ladies. Let’s stop the madness. Let’s Live Lean for LIFE!

-coach Karen


A peek at the next 6 weeks! (Current participants, use your weekly password for access!)

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7


Week 1 – What is Metabolism? (Keep it simple, sister!) Our opening week, we unravel the mystery of metabolism, as we come to understand the three aspects of metabolism. This is also where you learn that YOU are NOT to blame for your poor eating style, your crazy cravings, OR your wonky metabolism! We get clear on the 2 Master Hormones responsible for all the havoc, the ones that are in control of our cravings and our hunger.

Week 2 – Debunking the myths – again! Yep, no matter how many times we’re told that cardio and cutting calories DON’T work, we STILL fall prey to these myths. Here’s why our traditional ways of trying to deal with weight gain simply cannot work. Here, we learn to really look at food differently, AND our thought processes.

Week 3 – The Metabolic Compensation System, plateaus and why dieting doesn’t work! Our bodies are smarter than we think, and when we don’t see results, it’s often not due to what we are NOT doing, rather, it’s about what the body is doing to protect itself. Let’s get clear, so we can make changes!

Week 4 – Menopause, hormones and your Metabolism. Here, we really get momentum and apply the inside-out rule, where we come to understand how our inner workings as we age has a hold on all aspects of biochemical and hormonal workings, and how metabolism is affected. We look at estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid health and all things in between (don’t worry, this isn’t a science class, we’ll keep it simple!), AND we are given options for solutions to our sluggish metabolisms to get it ripe again!

Week 5 – Bringing your Brain on Board. How we think about our bodies, our weight, our food, our successes and our struggles all lay a foundation for success or lack of success when addressing our metabolic needs. You simply cannot build metabolic health by thinking the ‘old way’, or by having half the information. Our women’s health industry (and certainly the diet industry) has done a poor job of feeding our brains the right nourishment, so we can think and behave differently. And this is a MUST for lifelong success in weight management and homeostasis (body balance).

Week 6 – Putting it all together. Here, we gather all our tools from the last few weeks, and put them to work to craft your own Metabolic Enhancement Strategy Plan to build a strong, robust metabolism, for life! Yay! Freedom! Insight! Clarity! Now remember, this is NOT a one-off, this requires patience, learning, growing, applying and reapplying, and our metabolism lessons offer these important life-tools that you apply year after year. You CAN Live Lean for LIFE!

Week 7 – BONUS WEEK! Wait! We forgot something…the Spiritual realm! What’s that got to do with health and metabolism? OOhh…you had to ask! It’s so important that we added on an extra Bonus Week to look at our body’s energetic systems – chakras –  and delve deeper into the metaphysical realm. What energetic systems are at play? How do they go awry, and how do we know? Got thyroid issues? Adrenal issues? Digestion out of whack? We’ll look at what meta-physicians say about our chakra health, and how it affects our physical body! (And you thought metabolism and health was all about the physical, eh?). Let’s get our hippin on!

START DATE for our next session – Friday February 23rd, 2018!


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Course Fee – $179.00 (+ tx).
Current WW Members – $139 +tx.)



Master Your Metabolism


MASTER your Metabolism!
6-Weeks to a vibrant, healthy, robust metabolism! Stay Lean for LIFE!


Product Description

MASTER your Metabolism!
6-Weeks to a vibrant, healthy, robust metabolism! Stay Lean for LIFE!


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